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Almost time to publish my first card game, I have questions please!

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I am about to publish my first game, it is a deck building game, similar mechanically to Pokemon cards. I want to publish it as a living card game (no booster packs and rarities, you just buy the first heap of cards in a starter pack, then if you like it you can buy expansion packs that contain complete sets).

The final product I would like is a small box (well, as small as possible), that will contain:
200 cards,
a small rule booklet,
12 D10 dice
2 D20 dice
2 coins

This is totally new to me so I would appreciate any advice, experience and stories you have to offer. What kind of prices have you managed to achieve for something like this? (I know it depends a lot on volume)
Have you had success with one company printing the cards and also assembling the final boxed product? What should I be concerned or conscious about?

Thank you for your time.

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Check out The Game Crafter

Check out The Game Crafter for good ways to compile all of these things together into one product.

For cards, I go through Printer Studio. I've never done a big mass-produced project through them, but doing a few small-scale projects works well. I strongly suggest them.

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Print & Play Productions

Print & Play is a publisher out of the Pacific northwest, USA. They accept inquiries and will be sure to give you a reasonable quote.

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