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Am I Forgetting Anything?

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Joined: 01/29/2015

I'm moving down the road to launching a Kickstarter, and am trying to cross my t's and dot my I's. So, for all of you who have been there before am I forgetting anything? Here's what I've done and where I am at:

1) Design game - Check!

2) Construct Crude Prototype - Check!

3) Draft Rules - Check!

4) Playtest Crude Prototype - Check!

5) Revise Crude Prototype and Rules - Check!

6) Repeat steps 4 & 5 until your dreams have dreams about playtesting and revising - Check!

7) Hire artist to turn Crude Prototype into Prototype - Check!

8) Start a website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr to try and get the word out - Check!

9) Post regularly to social media to try and gain/maintain momentum ... Network ... Network ... Network - Check! (Ongoing)

10) Solicit reviewers to review game - Check!

11) Acquire video editor to help with Kickstarter - Check

12) Start a BGG WIP page - Check!

13) Visit game stores to get more exposure for game and a new group of playtesters - In Progress

14) Make sure Prototype looks the way I want it before demo's and reviews - In Progress

15) Send Prototype to reviewers for reviews / take to game stores for demo and feedback - Future

16) Tweak game based on additional feedback - Future

17) Post reviews on Social Media, BGG - Future

18) Kickstarter Preview page for feedback - Future

19) Tweak Kickstarter preview page based on feedback - Future

20) Launch Kickstarter! - Future

21) Post updates / answer questions during Kickstarter - Future

22) Celebrate successful fundage! - Future

Then it is on to phase 2 ...

So, am I leaving anything out?

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