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American Made!

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Can I make a board game that is completely made in America? Is it possible to get every component, from the plastic pawns to the game board and box, made entirely within the good ol' US of A?

It seems that most of the publishers I have dealt with will print small runs (200-500) in the US, but when it comes down to print runs of 2,000 or more the manufacturing shifts to China, etc. Just about any plastic pieces I look to buy ultimately come from China, etc. I know I can save a lot of money but I really want to keep everything within the US.

Is there a way to print board games and STILL MAKE A PROFIT without going overseas?
Does anybody know of a good American company that will print cards, board games, etc, entirely within the US?


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Just to give you an idea, I

Just to give you an idea, I recently got a quote for a per game cost for $18 if printed and boxed in the US, and $9 for China. Components were a board, spinner, 200 tiles, 4 racks and a deck of cards. So as you can see, the savings aren't just big, they are huge to make in China.

Let me (us) know if you get an good leads on American made!

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American Made

Try Delano Service (a leader in game board and card game manufacturing in the USA). site is informative and has number posted should you have questions.

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Going with the 20% rule...

According to the rule-of-thumb that the manufacturing cost should be around 20% of the MSRP for the game, that gives you an MSRP of 45$ if its made in China, and 90$ if it's made in the US. It takes a lot to convince a consumer to shell out 90$ for a board game, too: Usually a double-sized box with fantastic art and lots of 3D pieces.

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