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Any Advice on releasing a free prototype?

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Joined: 12/16/2009

A question to the more experienced on this site.

I am looking at releasing a public PNP Print-and-Play fully working version of my cardgame that uses only 54 of the regular 220 available cards, primarily for only two or possibly three players. The initial release also uses more simplified cards so that younger players would have less trouble learning it.

The PNP version will have some cards that are watered down versions of what is used in the normal game. It will be a fully functional but much quicker and shorter version of the same product.

I am debating making the game available in 54 card modules with the base game, and two add on extensions. Buy two of each and you can support 6 players. It has been tested and does work, but my serious concern is that the base PNP game might be a bit two short to peek serious interest and may turn some off because they will not get the full scope of the games potential.

Has anyone tried similar to this in the past in order to generate some public interest, and found that it helps? I suppose this would serve as a method of public input on the game concept as well, but that is not the main intent.

Does anyone have a good suggestion as to where best to make the PNP files available?

Any caveats that can be mentioned or thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Markus Hagenauer
Joined: 12/04/2009
nevert tried

I´ve never tried something similar, but it sound like a good idea. As i do non know the game, i can´t say if the base PNP version will make players want to buy additional cards. But your only chance to find out will be to try it.

And if you decide to try it, i think will be the best place to make the PNP files availabble, get people interrested an get a good feedback.

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