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Anyone with experience with CPSIA and Childrens Products?

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I know this topic has probably come up a few times but I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience dealing with CPSIA compliance for their board or card games.

According to information on the CPSC website, my game can be considered a children's product even if I label it as 13+ due to the cartoony illustrations so I'd like to look into getting a children's product certificate and whatever else I need to have for my game to actually be a children's product. I think it'd be good to do anyway since I feel that children might enjoy the game, probably more so than adults.

I know a lot of this requires third party testing and I would probably have to talk to the manufacture I go with about testing and drawing up the children's product certificate (correct me if I'm wrong). I'd like to know what things I would need to do on my end as well beside forking over the funds to get testing done and certificates drawn up.

Does anyone have any experience with getting your product certified as a children's product?

Here's a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission page about children's products in case this is new to anyone:

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