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Anyone have any thoughts on the following manufacturing companies?

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My friends and I have finished the production of our game and are very excited to get it out to the gaming community, but we need to find a quality manufacturer. We have contacted and received quotes from several manufacturers, but before we commit to one, I was hoping to your thoughts on these companies. We have varying sized cards, custom dice, tokens, and a rulebook.
Anyone have feedback on using or working with the following manufactures for printing their games?
360 manufacturing services
GrandPrix International
Ningbo Lijia Industry Co
Panda Games Manufacturing
Product Vision International
Shenzhen Senfutong Paper Co
Wingo Industry Ltd

And thanks for your comments!
- Amanda

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Hi Amanda I have used the

Hi Amanda

I have used the same factory in China to produce custom engraved dice for the past 2 years. 4 orders and all without a hiccup.

They make the dice, dice bags, display box and instructions....although they outsource everything but the dice.

Foshan City Longbright Plastic And Hardware Productions Limited is their name. The guy I deal with is Jason. Please mention I sent you ;) You can try them for a quote.

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Hi Amanda,

360 is Hasbro's manufacturing company; to the best of my knowledge they are U.S. based

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Long term once I have a game

Long term once I have a game to publish, I'm hoping 360's quotes are competitive as they are very local to where I am, about an hour's drive away and therefore US based, and also a union shop.

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I'm in Germany, and I know LudoFact is the state-of-the-art over here, but you need at least 1000 or 2000 games. If you need smaller quantities, you can try The others I don't know.

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