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Anyone know of a miniatures steel mold/die production company?

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I've been looking for modern miniatures that would suit a game I'm looking to publish on KickStarter, and have found a really neat opportunity for creating my own custom 28mm figures.

Wargames Factory is a company specializing in high grade hard plastic 28mm "hero scale" miniatures. They produce on demand unlike many companies, but here's how they produce the figures do it.

They sculpt figures digitally, and then send the digital sculpts to a company in China where a steel die/mold is created, and then plastic figures are created.

Problem is, I can't find a company that can do this sort of thing. I have people that can sculpt miniatures digitally, but I don't have a company I can go too.

So... does anyone on this forum know of a company with this kind of service? I have already emailed Wargames Factory about it, but I doubt I will get a response. It might be a trade secret who they employ.

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Where is the injection mold manufacturer

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Best manufacturing solutions for high detailed miniature product

Here is the useful link for miniature production:

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