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We recently implemented the BoardGameGeek and The Game Crafter APIs. Temporarily separate pages, our upcoming website design will soon merge several sources. The Google API is integrated as well. When viewing the details of a specific game, search results for game name and designer display below the profile. The ad after the game listings is purely for indexing purposes. Google generally ranks pages higher when their ads are present.

Far more small publishers than individual designers have submitted games. The net result is the same. Small publishers are effectively self-publishers, already possessing the resources to produce and ship their games. The games selected will be announced after the distribution agreements are finalized.

The game directory is an integral part of the overall process. Our target audience is outside of the hobby community. This directory becomes a first-time gateway for them to explore other independent games. Our game line is a reliable introduction tailored to attract newcomers. Both enhance each other, promoting independent games as a whole. The only competitive aspect is taking a small share of the large publisher retail market. Even a small share is relatively large compared to the hobby market. To do this, independent distributors and sales consultants are necessary to physically place the games in prospective hands. Large publishers do by having extensive retail distribution. Most small publishers rarely distribute through more than six stores in any given state.

An occasional criticism is unknowledgeable distributors as well as a non-enthusiast audience. If distribution requires a doctorial degree in rocket surgery, the game wouldn’t be one that could be included in the primary game line. The same is true of qualified enthusiasts. Highly specialized and complex games should remain within the hobby market. These are certainly games players may potentially explore after gaining an affinity for independent games. Thousands of distributors are willing to promote good product lines for sales commissions. The fundamental aspect of agreement is firming setting wholesale and retail pricing. Paying no fees whatsoever, the real question is whether or not the publisher or self-publisher can offer a game in which the general public would have interest. When production costs are too high for the wholesale price to be customary, the problem isn’t distribution. The optimal profit margin is 50% of wholesale, translating to 25% of retail. Profitability of self-publishers is a substantial concern and why we will provide suggestions should there be an imbalance. Success is dependent on the reliable delivery of orders.

Someone mentioned preferring SimplyFun because they also publish. We certainly wish everyone who submits to them luck with that. Multi-level marketing in addition to over 70 products including toys is an unlikely combination for success. Dozens of small publishers are much better options. In turn, the publisher would coordinate the appropriate forms of distributions.

Back on topic, what other sources of independent game information would you recommend? BoardGameGeek and The Game Crafter cover two major bases. Few others offer APIs. Surprisingly, Game Salute doesn’t mention API capabilities. We are willing to include smaller sources that provide real-time interfaces.

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