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Artwork and Publishing

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering waht the importance of artwork for an endgame is. Also, i'm trying to figure out where and how I could pitch my game to publishers just to see how that might go. I need tips on both. I've been ironing out a lot of the kinks on both of the games but I'm focused on a card game Im working on now. I know I should look for publishers that have a similar styled games since they will be more likely to pick up something like that. But like i said, I'm just looking to see what should be the next step forward.

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I have been a playtester for

I have been a playtester for companies like Mayfair games, ElfinWerks, and a few others for nearly a decade. Good looking art is not required for submissions. I have seen games with boards drawn with colored pencil on butcher’s paper being given the same consideration as those with nice art. The key is functionality; easy to read text, decent layout, etc…

Picking the right publisher for you game is important. Look for someone that does games somewhat like your game but not exactly like your game. You need to fit a gap in their product line not compete with their existing line. In other words I’m not submitting by wizard dueling card game to wizards of the coast.

Make sure they have a submission policy. The second reason I’m not submitting my wizard dueling card game to wizards of the coast is they don’t have open submissions. If they do accept submission follow the proceedure to the letter. If you can't even follow instructions why would they think you're going to good to work with.

Some people other than myself have had luck setting up meetings at conventions like Origins or Gencon. I'll let other chime in about how to do that.

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