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Artwork for Publishers

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Hello everyone, just a quick question really. I'm working on a (currently) fantasy themed card game. While play testing, we've just used some filler fantasy artwork from the internet - deviantart and such.

What I don't know, is if that is OK to send to publishers or if that's more of a, "You gon' get sued." situation. If that is ok, cool. But if not, what sort of artwork should we have ready to send to publishers? Or, should I just leave the artwork slot blank on the cards? I'm just not sure of the legality on this and what is typical procedure for artwork.

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I wouldn't worry either way.

I wouldn't worry either way. Publishers don't need artwork and most of my own projects are mostly blank. I usually only have art on 1 or 2 cards to show how the card should look or an art reference to what I expect.

One thing, If you are using artwork that is not legal for distribution just mention it. "This artwork is from Google and not mine to sell".

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The other thing to consider is using Google images search tools -> Usage rights to find acceptable artwork for distributing.

While I wouldn't trust the search engine enough to sell a game with those images, they are a fairly safe option for distributing a game either PnP or to publishers.

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