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Bakelite tile manufacturing.

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CloudBuster wrote:
This rubbersteel stuff sounds great! The reason I wanted to make the board magnetic instead of the pieces is that I didn't want all the pieces sticking to each other. I thought if the board were the magnetic one, all the pieces could stick to it. This is especially important when playing the game. In certain situations, there can be more than one piece occupying a single hex on the board. I don't want these pieces clacking together when they're put on the same space. When you made your game, did you have to spend time separating all your tiles before you could play? How did you prevent them from sticking together?

I understand why you would prefer a magnetic board and metal bases now. I didn't use strong natural magnets for my game but thick magnetic sheet instead, cut into what basically amount to tiles. However, in my game you wanted the tiles to sort of stay together. Concerning your design, like Sidd said, if your pieces are large or thick enough and you make sure to orient all of your pieces the same way with respect to polarity then you should have no problem.

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I know this is a bit late, but it occurred to me that I sorta hijacked this thread, so I've created a new subject. My apologies to the OP (original poster).


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