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Basketball boardgame

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Hello, i have self-published a basketball boardgame in Europe and would like to ask everybodys opinion about its potential for American market, since basketball is very popular there. Game is played with two dice and a ball token, it is very minimalistic, since there is only 12 circles to move on and no player figures. So some imagination is required :)
It is very easy to learn, in 3-4 minutes and one match takes time 25-30 minutes. Gameplay is very fast (if you want it to be). Since it is a dice game, and you'll be throwing a lot of dice, it is some 70% luck game. But there is some strategy, it is possible to use defence card, to slow opponent down and offence cards to bring in a good shooter or point guard (so to speak). So i think its possible to change your or opponents play on some level.
Also a good feature is that the game is very cheap to produce. It has a A3 board and cards take only about two A3-s.Plus 2 dice and a wood token (orange recommended). And thats about it...
So what you think of this type of game and sports games altogether in boardgame market in the US.

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