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The beaten horse: Plastics manufacturing

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OHMS Gaming
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Ok, so there have been a number of threads regarding manufacturing - but none recently.

With that in mind I was hoping that others would be willing (perhaps even interested) in sharing their experiences with the design and production of plastic figures for games. With more and more games using wood cubes, meeples, and standard pawns I'm hoping still to make the leap (though perhaps not for our first edition of the game) to plastics!

I've read plenty about it, have talked to other designers, and have had a couple conversations with manufacturers... but real details are elusive. I've heard about $500 per sculpt and about $5,000-$10,000 per mold for pre-production costs.

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Same boat..

I've been down the same road as you. I even contacted several local (to boston MA) plastic companies. Some were helpful but the conversation didnt get much farther than 4k a mold and you need to run 10,000 plus at a time.

To be honest, I would be manufacturing my board game here in the states if it wasn't for the fact of the miniatures. We have an ambitious goal of up to 50 miniatures in our game. As it stands the cheapest I could find who would accept 2d drawings was about $200 per unique mini coming in around $1200 for the mold costs.

Best of luck to you!

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Cheaper in China

Like most other things, this one seems vastly cheaper to do small batches in China. The quotes I've gotten from there for mold-making and the figures I've heard quoted by other publishers have been less than half what European printers were quoting me for the job.

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