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Board game companies that would publish a party game

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Hello everyone,

i have designed a party game and want to give it to a board game company to publish it.

Anyone knows any companies that would like a party game?



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Check out these companies

1: Blue Orange Games

2: Happy Mitten Games

3: Green Couch Games

4: 360 Manufacturing Services


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Also: Iello Asmodee Haba


Haba (depending on the intended audience)
Play Monster
Arcane Wonders
Brain Games
North Star Games

What kind of board game is it? Do you have rules posted anywhere?

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Thanks guys. This was really

Thanks guys. This was really helpful, i ll check them out.

I don't have the rules online anymore but here is a brief description of the game:

Rhyme: The Rap Challenge is a unique, entertaining party game for the whole family that gives you the chance to discover the rapper in you! Things are simple – choose words from different categories, write your own verses on any subject (as long as they rhyme), rap them on the beat, and collect points. At the end of four rounds you will have created your masterpiece: your 16-bar rap song! The player who accumulates the most points wins.

If you want to check out a very brief version of the rules check out

Also if you would like to check out a video of Tom Vasel and Sam Healey rapping, along with other videos and pictures check out my facebook page

Thanks again for your help.

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I just listened to a podcast

I just listened to a podcast with a guy from MAYDAY games. They seem like a great team to pitch to.

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First off, I love the

First off, I love the concept. Not everyone will love the theme, but it's definitely unique and there are plenty of people who will enjoy it. Kudos for that.

Secondly, I would streamline how points are given out. As a family-style party game, there are too many categories for giving out points. It sounds to me like players are going to be bogged down on giving out points. I'd pick one or two ways points give out and focus on that.

Again, I haven't played it. But while reviewing it, this is how I would divvy out points:

  • Players get 1 Point per vote received.
  • Players get 1 Point per word they used in their verse.

I'm not sure I understand how players get points for finishing first. Do you mean the first player to finish writing their verse? This just seems unnecessary, and may even take awhile from the intent of the game (players may focus on finishing their verse, instead of making the funniest/best rhyme they can).

Before you pitch, I'd create a good sell-sheet for the game. For a party game, the sell sheet should set the tone of the game and bring the concept to life.

TL;DR... Awesome game idea! Simplify and streamline the scoring... otherwise, looks super fun.

Best of luck,

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CanucKnight Mayday guys are

CanucKnight Mayday guys are indeed good guys. I met them last October in Essen. They had the booth next to mine :) Thanks for the idea. I will send them my pitch.

WinsmithGames thanks for liking my idea and for the help for the scoring system and the pitch.

The reason there are a few ways to earn points is because from playtesting i found out that if the scoring system is too simple all players have the same scoring with maybe 1 or 2 points difference between them which doesn't make a compelling game. That is the reason i have 2 modes for the game: the Fun Mode, where players play just for fun and laughs and there is no point system and the Competitive Mode where players also play to win.

Maybe i should try the way you mention the scoring and see if it works.

And yes i mean the first player to finish writing their verse by putting down their pencil.

Thank you both for the help :)

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