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Joined: 12/20/2010

We need the help of an experienced BGG user. I have tried to list our products, link our videos and images and I've had very limited success as you can see if you check BGG for our products. It seems that every time I try to link a video or product I run in to a roadblock. I have attempted to contact the admin support several times with limited responces. If any of you are great with BGG or work for them, I would greatly appreciate any help increasing our exposure on a site that helps so many game designers.
Thank you,
Levi Mote

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Joined: 01/05/2010
Contribute first

I've checked your BGG user (BonsaiLevi) and you have no contributions whatsoever to the site over the whole year you've being registered. I mean, no threads posted, no replies, you haven't rated games, commented them, you have no avatar, no microbadges, you are not a patron, you have no geekfriends, you haven't received a single thumb and you have given only one since February 2010...

No wonder they don't let you spam them ;)

I think BGG functions as a community, and also as a comercial plataform for advertising purposes, but you need some commitment with the community to gain the right to expose your work.

On the other hand, if you show commitment, loggin in regularly, making virtual acquitancies (sp??), contributing outside the scope of your own products, while also handling customer support and feedback as a service to the community, the effect will prove several times worth the effort.

Some suggestions:
Become a patron (that's just $15), pledge for an avatar in the Love Thread, add every veteran user from California as a geekbuddy, suscribe to all admins to be up to date with what is going on, join the local guild if there is one, get your games up in the lotteries, use the G4GG lotteries proceedings to tip user content uploaded for your products, salute every geek of the week, create a games collection with comments for referencing your tastes as a publisher, add all images from your website to your personal gallery, create a blog and post regularly, mirroring anything you post in your own corporate blog, donate games to good causes, make friends, have fun.

That will do it. And as always,
Keep thinking!

Joined: 05/31/2011
Backing up what Pastor said :)

Indeed, you can't march in and have your first BGG activity push your own stuff, they are very police-y about that. You have to spend a considerable amount of time ( I'd say three months minimum) checking it at least once a day, put some of your play logs, register your catalog, thumb some people's stuff.. etc etc etc before you get to start expecting people to do the same to YOUR stuff. :) I have a designer friend who WAS somewhat involved in their community, but then when his game got added to the database, had a pile of friends who had NO BGG activity previously whatsoever suddenly do nothing but rate HIS game and post reviews of it. etc etc. -- they are VERY touchy about this kind of stuff and he got roundly reprimanded. :) Basically again just my 2 cents to say do all that Pastor said-- it's well worth it. :) Good luck and best wishes on the success of your games !!!

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Joined: 12/20/2010
Good Advice

Thanks for the advice guys.

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Joined: 09/06/2011
Thanks for this.

I'm also new to Board Game Geek, and this is good advice. More than that, it seems like good advice for any kind of marketing that uses forums, blogs or other social media. Thanks!

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