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Board Game Weekly Desk Calendar

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Mock Calendar 1

This isn't exactly a board game, but I hope it is still on topic. I think many of the obstacles are the same, and the target market is the same.

I want to make a weekly desk calendar that features some of the excellent photography that BoardGameGeek users have uploaded (with their permission of course). There are lots of great photographs on that site. I think it would be nice to see them on my desk so I can day dream about playing games while I’m at work.

I actually started with the idea of a coffee table book, but whenever I have looked into getting one made, it comes out to be VERY expensive. Exploring the coffee table book route led me to this calendar idea. I can get printed game images, but at a much lower price. And, a calendar could actually be useful.

The calendar would be high quality, with one page for each week of the year (54 different game images). The cover folds in a way that props the calendar open. Each page is 7 ¼ inches by 5 ¼ inches. The top will feature the image and the bottom has room to write notes on each day (so that you don’t forget your next game night or you could use it to log your plays).

I posted on BGG (my post) and got absolutely no response. Does this mean that there isn't a market for this sort of product? Or does it just mean that they don't feel like talking about it, but might still be interested in buying it?

I thought people on this board might be more interested it talking about the process behind the product. Do you guys think there could be a market for this? Anyone want to take guess at how many I should get printed? Any creative ideas for marketing? I am thinking about buying some ads on BGG and starting a "making of" blog.

Am I crazy, or does this calendar have a chance of selling? I'd love to know what you think. Is there a better way for me validate that a market for this exists?

Here’s a sample of what they would look like. Of course it would have board game images instead of the interior design photos that are in the sample.

Sample Calendar

Here some mockups I made of what the calendar would like like with board game images.

Mock Calendar 1
Mock Calendar 1
Mock Calendar 1

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