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Board games manufacturer

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Joined: 11/11/2012

Hello everyone! My name is Petar, my company name is Bonart, and I have offer for game designers...

If you looking for game manufacturer you are at right thread. My company has over two decades of experience in printing, metal-plastic and packing industry. Company is located in Serbia. We have our products and we cover market in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

We are making board games, puzzles, books for children and many other stuffs, but our main products are sticker albums and stickers.

We also do orders, and that's why I am writing this. We can guarantee you the best quality and cheapest price.

If you need someone to make you a board game, or sticker album, or puzzle, or whatever you need to be printed please contact me via my email: That is my personal email, wich I use most frequently.

Also if you are interestend for business cooperation, or selling our products please contact me via email. I will send you catalog...

Please, only serious inquiries, offers and requests!!!

Also if you have some questions or idea, just say...

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