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Board Games/Card Games?

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Hi all,

I'm new to game design. I've finished my game, which is a fun children's board game (ages 6-12) with an educational theme. I think it could just as easily be non-educational and would still be a good game.

I'm looking for publishers. I've already been advised here or there, that the way to go is find a publisher that sells games similar to your own. I'm not sure how similar. Should I look for any publisher that sells either *educational games* or *kids' games*? Does it matter that they don't seem to have a lot of board games, or maybe they don't have any at all? Do card games count as board games in this sense? (I've noticed that "Board Game Geek" has an awful lot of card games with no board... what's up with that?) Or should I look for games similar to my own?

I've been advised to go for a "small publisher." I also happen to have the option of doing some free high-profile advertising (of the game concept, without revealing too much about how the game works). Would it be recommended to go that route and possibly attract the attention of a bigger publisher, or is this discouraged?

OK. I'll wait to hear your replies. Thanks all.

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