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Boardgame online suggestions...?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum (i'm from Holland) and spend some time looking through topics. You guys have some nice Q&A in here.

My "challenge":

together with a friend of mine we have been trying to develop a soccer theme boardgame. We already have been designing and working on it for years now and this year we have play tested it with some friends. They are all enthousiastic about it. It is said to be a typical game, appealing to soccer fans surely. We have also tried to keep it simple, so it can be learned rather quickly, but you can actually see more options when you really get the hang of it. It is a strategic game, but like any real life sports game, luck is involved.

So far so good. However, while we are still in playtesting phase (and not finished yet) some friend of ours talked to someone that runs a company, designing web-based (serious) games. This guy now wants to have a nice word with us, and proposes to design and put our game online.

We both see an ideal situation: we can have a digital replica of our game that can be play tested by an unknown public. Furthermore, we can also do market investigation among online users. Etc..

But we also need some advice.
Does such company get money from the amount of hits? I mean, if our game is put on the net, and let's say 100.000 people play it online, what can should be in it for us?

Of course, we should first finish our game. Write the manual. But then what? How to protect the idea? Should we also protect the name? Or would it also be oke to just hand over the manual and discuss royalties??? We have really no idea on the commercial aspects, so we are completely naked when discussing with the company.

By the way, in the end...our main goal is not to have an online game...but a real produced boardgame.

Is it okay if I use this topic as a sort of brainstorm on how to progress?

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Well, if the online gaming

Well, if the online gaming site is going to be making money off your game, then -absolutely- I think you should get a percentage. Are they suggesting to do it as a pay-to-play thing, or 'free' with advertisers footing the bill, or something else?

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It depends

It depends on the site that is launching the game. Most game websites are supported by their advertisers. Example: most flash game sites happen to be free, with advertisers supporting them. I find this more preferable to pay-to-play systems. If the average Joe has to register with his credit card info, he will probably not bother. But if he can immediately go to the game, why not?

I don't know how many publishers will want to be approached with a online version of the game, although an online game system would be a unique way to play test it.

And yes, please share your brainstorms with us on this topic. We are happy to brainstorm along with you!

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