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Borrowing art for a prettier Protoype

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It means jsut what it says. I have, for some time now been useing artwork i borrowed from a videogame to prototype my game. I dont mean attempt to distribute, sell, or otherwise profit. I just mean that when i send a copy to friends to play, they have something niocer to look at. The question here is what are the legal ramifications, if any, of useing this art to help outline my game in the design forum.

I would not be makeing a profit from this art or pretending it was my own. I woul simply be useing it to help illustrate how the game works rather than the alternative (bogus paint art).

Anyway i appreciate any answers, and hopefully ill have that dev blog up and running sooner rather than later!! :)

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The only way you (or anyone

The only way you (or anyone for that matter) could really get legally in trouble would be if you caused damage in some way to the owners of said artwork. Damages include, but are not limited to, stuff like lost profits and damage to the brand.

That being said, as long as you keep copyrighted works away from any type of open distribution, such as a 'download my prototype board game on my website' link, you should be ok.

Just remember, you definitely cannot make money off of someone else's work nor can you take money away from someone else.

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Creative Commons

There is absolute ton of stuff available under the creative commons license. I've been using photos under that license for the art on my cards. I figure I could draw my own pictures, but in the end, if my game were to be published, I doubt they'd run with my artwork. I figure if I'm going to have pictures on a prototype merely for playtesting and card differentiation purposes, the creative commons photos work just fine.

That's what I've used to find just about everything. As previously stated, you can not use these images for money-making ventures, obviously.

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RE: Creative Commons

If you check the box next to "use for commercial purposes" when you search, then you can actually use the art on cards you sell.

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