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Box Layout and Design Software

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Hi all,

I am at the stage of designing my game box. I have the dimensions set and the layout of the contents.

What software would you recommend I use to do this in? Photoshop? Indesign? What file type do printers usually like for this? Are there any other considerations I should have?

Thank you!

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Publisher Specific

Adobe illustrator is one of the industry standards for this sort of thing but the two you listed are just as good. I would say use the one that you know best.

Something you really need to do is contact some publishers/manufacturers and see what they are looking for.

One tip is to only design using the CMYK color model. It is a a subtractive color model, used in color printing and manufacturing by bulk printing machines.

Most printing companies that do smaller print runs or even the local "copy/printing" stores accept almost any image format these days.

However, good "safe" format is PDF if saved with the CMYK color settings. All of the major editing programs can save PDFs under the CMYK color model.

I hope this helps


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Danielbishop56, I have worked with Mike and Wes over at and they did an awesome job on the Box for my prototype.
For prototypes they'll take your Art in PDF, but if you were going to do a print run with them it would be .eps files. If you want to see what they did and how much it cost just PM me and I'll give you some pictures and details.
Hope you're truly ready....... I made the classic (thought I had play tested enough to print a professional prototype) move where I changed the game drastically once I paid some cash to put together an nice looking prototype. If I was going to print another box I'd use a Thrift Store game box and glue card stock prints from the UPS store. ha ha ha ha Much cheaper. Good Luck.

Very Respectfully

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I use inkscape for vector

I use inkscape for vector graphics and GIMP for photo editing. Both are free.

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Here are some ideas to do it

Here are some ideas to do it yourself:

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