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Can anyone point out any obvious flaws in my card template?

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Joined: 09/22/2013
Sea-Dogs Card Template Design

So I'm working on developing the artwork for cards for my game. I haven't done much print work with this level of detail I'm just wondering if anyone can see and point out any obvious errors with my layout.

The Yellow Line is the die cut outline from a template the manufacturer sent me. The base image is CMYK and is 300 DPI so I'm good there. Any unspoken standards I'm breaking or anything like that? Let me know what you think, and please be brutal if you find something, I can take, and I welcome criticism.

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Beautiful design! One thing I

Beautiful design! One thing I noticed is more on the text side than layout. "Whenever you are attacked and lose" is pretty cumbersome for a player to wrap his head around. You can take less brain space and make your game simpler to understand if you segment it with a phase called "battle" or whatever works, then, whenever you "lose a battle", effect happens. I know it seems like a small detail, but less words, more shortcuts, lets people understand it much clearer. It looks like an easy game. I don't think anyone is NOT going to understand it, but if people understand it quicker and easier, they can enjoy the game more.

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rapidly, you know that the

rapidly, you know that the printer will not cut directly over the line. Are you sure the line is not the limit of the bleeding zone instead.

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Layout looks fine

The Layout looks good. Just a rewrite suggestion "Any Loss in Battle: Gain +1 GnPwd at the end of your turn." I always get concerned when player effects "activate" on other people's turns. There is a chance the resoures or events that belong to a player can be forgotten in the transition from my turn to the next players turn. Also, can you lose more than once in battle? Apologies for not being more familiar with the game mechanics

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It has to be on the other player's turns.

The ability activates when this player is attacked, and that can't happen on their turn. I will be rewording the cards and tweaking the wording bit more as I rework the rule book.

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Only one thing

The only thing I could add is that the text alignment on the paper bugs me. I'm not a graphic designer, but it stood out as wrong to me even with the thumbnail.

Aside from that, it is a pretty slick card. The art is nice, colours seem great.

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nothing major

I don't see anything major that could be tweaked with your template. It is clean and simple. My only suggestions are: 1) simplify the text to make it less wordy and maybe add some iconography for things like "Gunpowder" (if your game supports it) 2) My eye keeps going to the blank space under the action text, and if you do end up simplifying the text then that space will get bigger. Maybe add some flavor text down there...
Hope this is helpful.

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question- is the base image's

question- is the base image's text jpg-ified (dithered) like that, or is that just on the sample here?

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The jpg artifacting is only

The jpg artifacting is only due to compression, the actual image is large and crisp.

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Proposed changes

1) I think the title text would be better served if it was centered.

2a) Some iconography and/or ability name may be nice. Why I like an associated ability name is it expedites play as time goes on. You can just reference "inner spark" instead of reading the full effect and veteran players will know what you are talking about.
2b) I personally do not mind a detailed explanation of the effect on the card as long as it isn't a huge novel of tiny text. Newer players can read the effect and understand it without referencing the rules.

3) I think some flavor text on the bottom would help remove some of the empty space.

4) Perhaps a light map texture overlay on the scroll to give it a little more oomph and detract from the stark contrast of empty space. In my redesigned example of your card I used the map from:

Here is my crappy example image (very poorly designed because i had to first gradient over your text) with the mentioned changes above: Captain Powderkeg

Disregard the actual wording, I had forgot your ability wording after deleting your original text on the card and just left what I recalled.

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