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Canadian pricing vs. US

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One thing that has always bothered me is Canadian pricing.

For example: A gift card is sold a $3.95 US and $4.95 Canadian. Same goes for published books ($7.99 US and $8.99 or even $9.99).

Cars are another example... Civic US MSRP $15,605. In Canada $17,990 (that's $2300 dollars more).

Has any one pointed out that the Canada dollar is HIGHER than the American greenback??!

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In fact, it was the opposite,

In fact, it was the opposite, the Canadian dollar was lower than the American dollar, this is why it was more expensive in Canada.

Now there has been some changes lately in the last 5 years since the Canadian dollar fluctuated and was even higher than the USD.

Right now according to :

1.00 CAD = 1.01194 USD

Some products actually benefit from this. Apparently, video games are sold the same price in US and Canada. There are a few product like that which could now be at the same price, or have a smaller gap than before. But there are some other products that did not simply adjust their price, or don't want to because they are making more profit.

You also need to consider the distribution system. If things need to constantly be shipped from US, there might be a raise in price, but if there is a supplier or manufacturer in Canada, you might get more even prices.

So yes, in general, American items are more expensive in Canada. It's generally the case for board game where you could pay and additional 5$-15$ more than the US price according to the size of the game.

If you buy a French version (ex: fantasy flight translation), you can add another 10$. Same thing from French D&D product which were 5$-10$ more than their original.

Hope it helps

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Forgot the sale tax

For us, it is very common, but apparently in US it is not. Everything you buy has a sale tax which is the combination of 2 taxes (Federal and Provincial tax) which in Quebec now gives approximately a combined 15% tax. Essential products like food are not taxed. Unfortunately, games are not essential products (^_^).

I was just curious, I checked the web site of a popular game store in in montreal, and the game price for fantasy flight games seems to be the same. Still, consider that FFG is a very large company and they could maybe afford to have the same price i both countries. Other companies might not be able to do this. Here is this website

(click "welcome" in the top menu for an english website)

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