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Card game to be launched soon on Kickstarter

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Holding the cards

Hi All,

I'm elated to share with all of you that a variant of Ganjifa that I'd been working for quite some time now, is ready, and I got the prototype deck yesterday. The playtesting starts from today in Sydney and I'm both excited and nervous about it.

This deck is based on Dashavatara Ganjifa and artwork inspired from traditional Madhubani art. There will be 130 cards per deck (120 game cards + 10 avatar description cards). Prototype has been printed on 310 gsm black core card stock and I'm planning the production run on 310 gsm black core with linen finish. Similarly, two-part box will have a very high quality with gold foiling, making it a true collector's delight.

I'm working on shipping and fulfillment stuff at the moment and talking to vendors. Let's see how it goes.


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