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Card Stock

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I am a long time lurker first time poster. But I have committed to starting a small game company in 2019 so I expect to be here a lot more. Anyway on to my question.

I am trying to determine what type of card stock I should use. Both of my current projects involve heavy shuffling, dealing, and card holding. Think on the level of poker. Cards are shuffled, dealt, held in the hand, then played every 2 or 3 minutes, and a game last for 20-30 mins so you are going through about 10-12 rounds each playthrough. So I am looking for card stock that will last.

I had prototype cards printed at the game crafter and they work well enough for playtesting, but they lack heft and feel off. They feel too thin and when you do a bend shuffle they hold the bend and don't go back to flat.

I ordered the card stock sample from print ninja as that is most likely where I will go to print it. And I am trying to decide between the "white pvc 0.3mm", "black core plus 330gsm" or "coreless plus 350gsm". I like the pvc because it seems to always go back flat after a shuffle, but it does feel a little thin and floppy. while the other two feel a little heavier and thicker, they also keep a bend slightly after shuffling.

None of those options feel like a deck of bee playing cards, so I dont know how well they will hold up to heavy play. Does anyone have any insight? What are normal poker cards printed on? Is there another manufacturer that I could check out that has samples that I can feel?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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I believe regular bicycle

I believe regular bicycle cards are 300gsm. That's what I used for my game.. seems fine. 330 would be a "premium" card. I don't know that any games I've seen go beyond those two options.

The "core" is there to make sure you can't see through it.. I don't know how well the 350gsm coreless stock meets that goal.

PVC is plastic.. so more durable, and I guess waterproof, but a little weird.

Consider a linen finish to make them a little fancier-feeling. Though I believe that also makes them a little less stiff (?)

Also, you may be overthinking it. If people are playing your game so much that they're wearing out their decks, you have a huge hit and you can sell replacement decks or something :). People could also sleeve the cards if they're super serious about it.

And welcome!

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I didn't realize that regular

I didn't realize that regular playing cards were so thin (300gsm). They just feel so different maybe it is the linen finish. I will have to print a test deck with it to see what it feels like. Thanks

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