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CardGame: European alternative to GameCrafter?

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Hi all!
theGameCrafter offer a good service with printing, packaging, selling and shipping - everything you need as a startup game designer. However, shipping to Europe is kind of expensive especially if you have a game you want to sell for $12.

My questions are (with regards to producing a 100 card cardgame + mini rulebook):

- are there any European alternatives to theGameCrafter (produce, online sell, ship)?
- are there any Asian alternatives to theGameCrafter?
- are there other companies in the U.S. that provide the same service as theGameCrafter?
- are there any other good ways to go e.g. produce at one place and sell at another? Any advice?

Thanks a lot!!

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Games Production in Europe

Hi Dabuel!
Yes, there is a short-run games production company in Germay:

Their service is somehow like theGameCrafter, but with some differences:

They offer gameboards, printed game boxes, cards, tokens, tiles, instructions and everything you need for your game, including packing and shrinkwrapping. The minimum quantity is 10 games. If you want prices low enough to sell and earn money, you need to order at least 50 games.

One main difference is that they don't offer a "print on demand" shop like TGC does, so they don't sell your game for you. On the other hand, they are much more flexible in terms of different board-sizes, card-sizes, token-sizes, box-sizes etc.

You can download a pricelist on their website or ask for a quote directly. One very good point is that they use linen-structure for cards, boards and boxes, so everything looks very professional.

For a little additional fee, they can offer to give your game an EAN-code and put it in amazon so you can sell it there.

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