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CCG/TCG/Card Game Alliance - for any card game devs & players

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Joined: 07/30/2008

While the board game community has it's relatively huge and prospering scene and natural forums online the same can sadly not be said about the card games genre. Even less so if we niche that genre and only take a look at truly free or open source card games. I write this from my own experience with WTactics and the non-existant interest in it, and also from countless hours of searching the internet for dev. colleagues that are working with similar projects.

In an effort to make it easier for players and developers to follow what's going on within the world of free and/or open source card games of any kind I've fired up the Open Card Game Alliance. It's goals are to make it easy to find out relevant info for anyone interested in free card games, whether it's the developing of them or the playing, and also to promote free card games.

If you are a developer or planning on becoming one and meet the criteria of creating a free or open source card game then you're welcome to contact me (contact at opencgs dot org) and join the site as a member, representing your own project. You'd be put on the games list and also get access to publish news, info etc. Maybe most importantly, you would at the very least get in touch with people in a similar situation and have an opportunity to share experiences, resources and knowledge.

(Lastly, I hope this message won't be treated as spam or a blatant ad. It's not my intention to upset this excellent place for board game designers nor to make users leave this community. From my point of view the sites have totally different functions and target groups, and in any case free/open source card games related topics are probably like 0.1 - 1% of all content in here, just making the need for a more niched focal point the more apparent for those very few of us that are mainly interested in that. Add to that the fact that this is probably the number one place on the net for developing board games in general, and I'd rest assured there's no conflict of interest.)

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