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China Printing

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Michael E Day
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It appears to me that printing in China for less money and with a real board for one's map is a better route than printing in the USA without a real board for one's map and for more money. Assuming, or course, the Chinese printer speaks English and is reliable. Does anyone have any experience in printing games in China? Thoughts? Advise?

I Will Never Gr...
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This is what you want ..

Go to that list for a great rundown on game manufacturers in China.

My experience in contacting manufacturers in China is they all have excellent english skills (or at least workable. I have yet to have an issue).
Top scores go to Wingo, Whatz, Panda and BangWee.

Be very clear what you want, send the same RFQ to each manufacturer, expect some to tell you a Door to Door price (freight to you included) and others just the manufacturing price.

Most want a minimum order of 1000. Some will go lower to 500 (but of course the price goes up accordingly). Some are higher (Panda).

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