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Commissioned's Final Day on Kickstarter

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I just realized I never posted our Kickstarter's launch here on BGDF. As they say, it is better late than never! It has been a busy, and very successful, campaign. We have 1 day left. Commissioned is funded, and all our stretch goals are unlocked! We had some very positive reviews from Sam Healey, Theology of Games, and Father Geek. Our title video, a preview video from Sam Healey, our rulebook, and links to the other reviews are available on our Kickstarter page (link below).

Commissioned is a 2-6 player, historically-themed, cooperative board game with a simple deck-building mechanism that plays in 1 hour. The players are the Apostles of the early church, but no knowledge of Christianity is required to play (the game is about history not theology). During the game, players work together to strengthen their unique faith decks (each Apostle has a different power), grow the church (population and geographic coverage), collect the New Testament book cards, and overcome historic trials (government/religious persecution and natural disasters). The game has 5 scenarios, 2 difficulty levels, and an adversary variant that pits one person against the team as the Roman Legion. I know it is late, but I hope you will take a look at our campaign!

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