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Copy battle-system

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another legal issue: I kind of like the battle-system in "Conquest of the Empire". Is it protected somehow? How do I find out? I want to apply a slightly modified version to a game I am currently designing. Anyone knows if other games are also using this battle-system?

Details: Basically you have 3 types of land-units in "Conquest of the Empire": infantry, cavalry and catapults. They come with different costs (inf>cav>cat). Each combat-round you roll three dice. The dice have two faces showing an inf, one face for cav and one face for catapult. You deal damage if you can match what you rolled with the units you have. Hence, you always want to buy an infantry-man to start with, but then as you army grows, cavalry and catapults become more attractive even though they are more expensive per unit. The rules can be found here:

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Seen something similar

I'm going to take this chance to pimp out Memoir 44' cuz' it's super awesome! Also, what you described is a little like the opposite of what Richard Borg came up with for the system used in M44 (and other games of his). In M44, regardless of what type of unit is attacking, you hit your target by rolling IT on the dice.

The unit types in M44 are Infantry, Tanks and Artillery. I can't remember exactly how many faces of each there are on the dice but it's something like 3 inf, 1 tank, 1 grenade and 1 star. The star is usually a miss (depending on card played etc.), grenades are a hit on anything and the others are hits on their respective unit type. Different units roll different amounts of dice based on range, so this, mixed with the prevalence of certain units on the dice creates an interesting interplay that, in a single die roll, can account for many unit nuances.

You can check out the rules here:

For what it's worth, I think you can 'inspire' yourself from any battle system you like as long as you make the proper adaptations to make it fit with your game.

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I have not heard of anny dice

I have not heard of anny dice system that is protected, very fue things in the boardgame industry are ecaus of the smal profitmargins and the high costs asociated with the patents. Onley thing I know that is protected is the cubetower used in shogun/wallenstiene. And I am not shure how it is protected it might onley be patern-protected (not shure what it is called in english). So using a dice mecanic should be very safe.

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