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Creating a good Inquiry Kit.

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Hey guys, I'm a newcomer to the site, and and a partner and myself have been working on a game. Thanks to a lot of playtesting, we've got the game to a place we're happy with. The rules are pretty much done, have a couple of prototypes ready, and are at the point that we are ready to start submitting inquiries to publishers...

Two questions:
1) What is the current format that is the norm for submitting to publishers? Is there a norm? Looking around, I've seen a bunch fo different recommendations to do it: Simple emails, spec sheets, official forms, sending the rules first, etc etc.

2) If there is no norm, what is the key info that all the various formats usually request? I want to create an information document with key info in it. That way I can easily cut & paste pieces into whatever format a particular publisher requests, and not have to re-invent the wheel every time...

The stuff I would expect to put in this document are:
-- Name of Game
-- Creators of Game
-- Contact information (Name, Address, CityStZip, email, phone #)
-- Genre
-- One Paragraph summarizing the game at a very high level (Concept, # of players, how to win, special gimmicks)
-- Components of Game (Cards, dice, markers, board, etc)
-- Target Audience (Hardcore gamers, casual gamers, genre-specific (i.e Star Wars fans)
-- Small sample of game play in action.

What else should I be thinking about putting in there? Should I have pictures of the board setup, etc ready to go?

Thanks a bunch

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Different publishers want

Different publishers want different things. Usually it's a good idea to keep it as brief as possible on an initial inquiry. The information you mentioned sounds good, just make sure you're not presenting a small novel for them to read.

One thing you didn't mention: your "hook" - what separates your game from others like it. Do not expect them to extrapolate this information from the other information provided, spell it out.

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Good ideas... I originally

Good ideas... I originally had written "Gimmick" in there, but I didnt keep it... "Hook" sounds so much better :)

My plan is to keep everything to one simple page with a lot of white space... Too much text and it will all be ignored....

Thank you

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