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Crowdfunding for Australian Rules football dice game

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Hi all

We're still catching onto the crowdfunding bit down here, so Pozible is our equivalent. We've got 3 months to raise $2000, and we're live now. I have some rewards up already, and can look to add more if interest is high.

Pocket Footy is a fast dice rolling game that simulates a game of Aussie Rules (AFL) football.

I'm crowdfunding to pay for the initial print run. The final product will have 7 custom dice, laser engraved, instructions for the game and a cotton dice bag with logo.

We're totally independent. This game is created and published by myself and will be the second game for Pocket Sports, the first being:

We plan to approach the AFL to seek a licensing agreement, like we did with cricket, and discussion so far have been positive. Our initial run of 1000 sets will give us the data we need to show them we have a product that people will buy and play!

So, if you like Aussie Rules, this is a quick fast 'light filler' game.



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