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Developing a new video podcast program featuring amature game designers and their games.

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RacNRoll Gaming
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Several of my gaming friends from around the world have discussed the idea of starting a video podcast about board games and gaming in general. Unlike your standard demo/review or round table discussion podcast, we plan on creating a long form "news" magazine format.

I like the idea of this format because it does not require everyone involved to work every week for the show. It also allows us to have coverage from different events aroundthe world.

One feature I want to include will be a spotlight on an aspiring game designer/artist and their game/games/artwork. Who knows maybe some big time publisher will watch and sign you?

I will post more details as they come in.

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Sounds interesting

This sounds like an cool format for a games podcast. Keep in mind that video is a lot harder to do than audio - both shooting and editing take time to do well. (Note: If you're a video pro, then disregard previous statement!). We've been recording the 'Paper Money' audio podcast for over a year now and I am *still* spending more time in post production than I thought I would. Even with good recording equipment, it still takes time to polish in post.

That said, keep us in the loop on the show!

RacNRoll Gaming
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Joined: 05/12/2010

Hey guys and gals...been away from the site for awhile trying to get some work done.

As far as the podcast project we are making some small but productive strides.

Our first challenge was coming up with a name for the show. A lot of the "perfect" names are already being used by various folks (some actively and some not) We tossed around a few ideas and I think we have settled on "Game Knights". A fun play on words.
Now we just need a logo....anyone want to take a crack at it? ;-)

I've recruited my brother and a friend to handle the editing of the show since they do that sort of thing for a living and can do it much faster than I can.

We are currently scripting a pilot episode, which we will be shooting soon. This pilot episode will not be released to the public but will be used to market the show to game designers/publishers/online retailers etc. to peak interest...once the show is up and running though we will then be able to revisit with them to show them the hits we are getting.

I will be reaching out to some of you here regarding possibly being a part of the "Designers Corner" segment of that pilot episode.

That's all for now.

Hope you all had a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Etc and a Happy New Year

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