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On-die color printing

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A few years ago, I was toying around with a dungeon-crawl design. The only hitch was that it would have required full-color on-die printing. At the time, heat-transfer printing was just becoming available for dice on, but I didn't have an easy way to integrate this into my existing production process, so I shelved the design to revisit later.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I came across this kickstarter project

which featured this image

So, I wondered "Is this technology available and economical these days?" I sent a message to the project creator, but didn't get a message back. (Shame, as I would have backed them out of courtesy!)

Does anyone here know anything about this?

I know many places (Chessex, I think) that can do printing to 1 side, I have yet to see any American supplier who can do 6 sides economically. China seems promising. I don't know what Ludofact and other European suppliers can provide, but I assume someone here has some knowledge of that. To my knowledge Panda cannot.

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Custom dice

Those dice are printed with a UV curing printer. UV printers cost around $20k and I haven't heard of many dice manufacturers providing that service.

If you're interested in dice customized with your images on all 6 sides you can check out our Kickstarter campaign. There's only 48 hours left if you're interested...

Good luck.

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What about *AFTER* the Kickstarter???

Do you have a company or website we can ORDER custom un-painted dice (POST Kickstarter)??? I'm not certain what my needs are going to be at the moment, but knowing that these kind of dice will be available to purchase via the Internet (your website) would be great!

Maybe I could add some custom dice to my NEXT project!

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