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Do you have questions on Kickstarter?

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No Echo Games
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My first game is coming to Kickstarter on the 15th of this month. I was reading over some other posts in forums where some folks had some general questions into the numbers that go into a KS project. I thought I would open it up to see if anyone had any questions from a designer who is getting ready to launch in 10 days. I'd encourage any question, no matter what it is, and encourage other KS vets to answer any questions themselves. Like I said, this is my first KS campaign so sink or swim I still gained a lot of experience to get this far so any questions on part of the process I can try to answer.

For more background, here are the links to my KS section on my own website, and the link to my KS preview page.

I'll be around all day so ask away!

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