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Does anyone know about PRINTING, SHEETS and CARD COUNTS?

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I'm asking this question, because I've been googling for about an hour or two and have a LOT of questions concerning the PRINTING of TCGs or CCGs.

Here are some of the questions that I am wondering about:

1- Some PRINTERS say 55 Cards per sheet others say 54 Cards per sheet. But how does WotC get 121 (11 x 11) or 110 (10 x 11) sheets? How does that compare to the 55 and 54 card counts?

2- How do they do the RANDOMIZATION? I mean if I have "Faction 1" (1 Sheet), "Faction 2" (1 Sheet) and "Chase card" (2 Sheets), how do I get randomized boosters of "3 cards each".

3- Do you need MULTIPLES sheets of "Faction 1" and "Faction 2"? And if yes, how does the randomization process work??? I don't ALWAYS want "Faction 1: Card 001" to be matched with "Faction 2: Card 001".

Right now those are my more pressing concerns. And it's relevant to my DESIGN and so I'd like to be more CLEAR on how this process is achieved.


Note #1: Here is a Link/URL to BGG where I kinda asked the same question, in the event that there are more responses over there or different opinions/information provided:

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