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FACTIONS Tabletop Game: Building my audience!?

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Joined: 03/13/2014

Hi everyone! My name is Ben, I'm in the process of creating my first tabletop game, Factions! I'm trying to build an audience leading up to the Kickstarter Campaign. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping draw attention to the Facebook page/Website other than through spamming forums?

Take a look at our page at! Or follow me on Twitter at

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hi, welcome to the forums!

welcome to the forums! You have a good rulebook there, the layout as well as the artwork is fantastic. Your templates are not on-par with your art quality though.

Regarding "marketing". Well you have to use literally everything that you have got, in order to attract interested people. Think about all possible means of marketing like social networks, website, and yes - also spamming forums and blog comments (okay, maybe not spamming).

browse the net about marketing in general, its basically the same topic for games. imagine you run a company selling a specific product, what do you do to reach your target audience? its the same for a boardgame project.

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