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Fallen Kingdoms: 1st rev. pre-release: Need comments

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I have revised my game lately and modified the rules. I made a pre-release version that is now available on the net, and I want to gather comments before officially releasing it.

I had to re-layout everything because I decided to try Scribus. The layout is now much more bland than in the original document and I am now using a double column layout. But in the end it has paid off, because 15 pages of rules has been shrunk into 12.

Still that shrink has removed the flavor pictures through the document. I don't even have space for adding the pagination. That might be something I need to add.

By the way, I have not made any print test yet. That is the next step to see if it actually looks good on paper.

As for the text, my friend revised most of it. He suggested to replace the "he, him, his" by "they, them, their". It looked odd at first, because I thought it was only used for plurals.

If you have any comments, post them here. Thank you for any help.

The rules can be found here:

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