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Foe Hunters - Cover Art Reveal

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After several months of talking about the game and questions about art, I finally have good news! I would like to share the cover art for Foe Hunters with you guys.

I am extremely happy with the way the cover turned out, I think it captures the 5 classes shown and just looks action packed! The cover shows the Paladin, the Pathfinder, the Necromancer, the Elemancer, and the Berserker. In the background you can see Emberglow flying in the sky, and the Dreadmaster's tower in the distance with hordes of vassals attacking the party!

A lot of work has gone into Foe Hunters, and I am really excited to finally share some art with the community. I would love to hear your thoughts and I am happy to answer any questions you guys may have.
If you want to learn more about Foe Hunters just head over to, there is a dev blog with several updates.

Thanks for everyone's support!

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