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Has anyone made any money publishing/selling games using The Game Crafter? If so, how?

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Nightstalker Games

Yes, all of my games are currently on Game Crafter and you can make money from it. The catch is, how much money. Game Crafter does not have a high volume of buyers. Since they don't market your game for you, you have to do all the legwork. Marketing your game is entirely your responsibility. The honest truth is that most games on there only sell a handful, but this is true of independently published games in general. The good news is the Game crafter community of game designers are very active and very willing to help each other out whenever they can. I myself for instance try to promote the games of other designers besides my own on my website. Many of the others may buy your game and take it to conventions if your game is good/appealing enough. So you won't get rich off of Game Crafter, but it's a good starting point. They have a real-time chat function in their forums that is very useful. The quality of their printed work is very good. You can see pics of printed stuff on my website. The owners are also very active in communicating and helping out game designers. If you are looking to try to capitalize on your game idea, Game Crafter is best used to create a great professional looking prototype to shop around to established publishers.


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