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Joined: 09/27/2011
Highly recommended

I've been using the Game Crafter for a while now, and I just got my third game a week or so ago. The first game I got looked great, and they only improved from there. I will say that there is a learning curve with the printing process. You will learn quickly what looks good both on the screen and printed, and what does not. I've also purchased a couple of games that I myself did not design, including one of the aformentioned decktets (The Deco Decktet, which looks incredible). I have heard from designers, both on this forum and elsewhere, that their games "won't work" on TGC, but I wouldn't worry about restricting yourself. Unless your game uses custom miniatures or non-standard board shapes, there really isn't much you can't do.

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Shake Out!

I've had a good first experience with using TGC. I may post again once I get my first bulk order but the proof copy looked great! You can check out my first TGC game here:

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