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Game design as a "Hobby"

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Have to agree with quest

Have to agree with quest here. That's pretty harsh without any notification at all.

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X3M said: This forum needs

X3M said:

This forum needs the ability to post polls.
This forum needs other things as well that are absent, compared to other forums.

I totally agree. It's all in the plan; and is a matter of getting the human resources available on the tech end to enact the plan.

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Answering about the topic of

Answering about the topic of the thread for me is A, for me is just a hobby but a very important one.

It is all about philosophy, to me, the relations between fun and not-fun, too much variables related: competitivity, exploring, discovering, humor, aesthetic pleasure of many different kinds and dimensions, etc...

And talking about the forum I must say that I was a lot surprised the first time I see this website because the forum structure and available tools are unique.

I see this forum very advanced in many ways compared to many other forums. The only thing that I dont like very much is that is too narrow for me, I would prefer more space on the sides for the text dimensions.

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