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Game Marketing help

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Joined: 07/07/2011

Hopefully this is the right area for this post... seems like it.

I'm a marketing guy with 14+ yrs of experience in product/consumer electronics marketing, development, and launch. I also have software and B2B experience.

I have a full time job now, but the past few years I've caught this gaming bug, and since it looks like there may be a need for some marketing assistance with designers/publishers, etc. I think it would be fun to do some consulting, project work, etc with folks in the gaming industry who could use some fresh ideas, marketing muscle, or just need a PR push.

You can check out my Linkedin profile for my professional background.

Since I have a FT job my time is limited, but that also means I can be very flexible with my compensation.

I have just launched a blog, A Game of Marketing which I hope to build out into a board game marketing resource. Please visit and let me know what you think.

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Joined: 01/11/2009
Just read your first two

Just read your first two posts. Kudos - there is good information in there!

Maybe I link to your blog from my website later.

Keep it up

-Fhizban (Tobias)

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Joined: 07/07/2011

That's encouraging. Thank you very much!

Joined: 04/26/2011
Great Idea

Intriguing, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on your blog. The first couple of posts were good food for thought. Keep it up!

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Joined: 03/04/2009
I'm interested

I'm interested. Give me a shout!

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