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Game Selling Prices

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I am curious as to how much a publisher usually pays for the rights to a board game. I know it would vary somewhat from game to game and publisher to publisher but I am looking for a general ball park figure. If any of you have sold a game to a publisher would you mind giving us at least a ballpark figure.



truekid games
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3% to 10% of sales in

3% to 10% of sales in royalties (usually 4% to 6%, unless you're an established name). sometimes with a static, non-refundable "advance" on the royalties.

occasionally they'll buy the rights completely for a static sum with no royalties, but the figure for that varies wildly depending on author's prior games and what the publisher's intended use is.

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Well, there's plenty of publishers here, but a straight answer can be compromising...

Let's rephrase it. For up-front:

a) Less than $1000
b) 1 to 5k and
c) more than 5k
d) more than 10k (lol)

If you run a $50k print, 5% royalties out of that is $2500 tops. You calculate royalties out of final price? well, thats $7500, in about 18 months....

I say 25-33% up-front is more than ok.

Don't quit your job, man!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Let’s say your contract if

Let’s say your contract if for 5% of Gross sales.

The publisher prints 5,000 copies with an MSRP of $40.

They will get 40% from the distributor for the games. So you’re taking your 5% from $16 or $.80 per game. If they all sell you will earn $4000.

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Keep in mind that this

Keep in mind that this typical 5% of gross sales to wholesale will only be given after you are a lucky chosen out of many prototypes they are reviewing - oh yeah, a nice looking prototype has to be made, that means you're selling a completed game that they will maybe retheme but definetly will redo all the artwork.

In short, if you want that 5% you better have a finished game for them to review and join the 100's of others out there hoping they'll get picked by a company.

Being a small company and proud to support indies, we do things a bit different at our shop (you chip in a bit of $ and we give large % on net profit) - feel free to inquire if you're interested.


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