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Geeklist for Unpublished Games with websites, blogs, or mailing lists

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I've started a GeekList over at BGG for unpublished games with websites, blogs, or mailing lists. If you have a game that fits the scope of the list, feel free to add it.

Here's the text from the header:

This GeekList is for unpublished games that have websites, blogs, or mailing lists. The intent is for BGG'ers to be able to peruse the list for games that sound interesting to them, and to be able to use the links in each entry to subscribe to the game's website, blog, or mailing list to receive updates about the progress of the game.

For the purposes of this list, "unpublished" means a game that doesn't yet have a signed contract with a publisher, or, for games that will be self-published, hasn't yet been sent to the printers.

If you'd like to add a game to the list, please ensure you have the designer's permission to do so. Please provide a brief overview of the game, and links to the game's website, blog, or mailing list (or all three!).


My game has a BGG entry; may I add it to the list? If it has a blog, website, or mailing list, yes. The intent is for users to be able to watch a game's progress via an easy method like a RSS Feed subscription, etc. So please, only post games that have a web presence beyond a BGG entry.

May I post a link to my (general-purpose) design blog? As long as you post extensively about the game you've added to the list, yes. However, if you talk about other subjects than game design at your blog, please don't link to that. And if you have 20 works in progress and talk about each of them sporadically at your blog, please don't post each and every one as a separate entry on this list.

Should I take my entry down when my game is published? Yes, that's probably a good idea. This is for users to track unpublished games; presumably anyone who was interested took advantage of the web links you provided, and once it's published, other users can find out about it through the normal channels.

My game is available for sale at a PnP/POD service like The Game Crafter. May I add it to this list? No. That's close enough to being "published" to be beyond the scope of this list -- but starting a separate list for POD games would be a great idea, if one doesn't already exist!

Further questions/comments/discussion are welcomed in the Comments.

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Excellent work j! Look

Excellent work j!

Look forward to subscribing to ongoing games!

Bonsai must have a couple other than the superhero one, I think three has got some on-goers too. And of course the newbiedesigner can put the one he is developing with his daughter up. And of course I will get a blog sorted for my dieselpunk caravan one sorted and add it there :)

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Nice work!

I like it. Don't know if it'll be too useful for me personally, as I do not make websites for my games, and I talk sporadically on my blog about various things - but I'm sure it'll come in handy for a lot of people!

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