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Gods & Minions: Proofreader Required

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As some of you already noticed, I am working on my first professional game called Gods & Minions. Its a vast and complex collectible dice game with extensive background story and detailled rules. Therefore I need help - with enough artists, co-designers and playtesters around - i have still one position as PROOFREADER to give away.

the background: I am from germany, thus english is not my mother language. Despite my time in boston and the UK and working with english speaking people everyday, i still need a person whos mother-language is english. I am searching for someone with decent writing skills, maybe one of you already tried to write a book or something.

the job itself is not too complex: just read the "worldbook" chapters of our game and check for grammar and wording errors, then send me an email with corrections.

Right now, i cannot give you much in return (speaking about payment) - as the game is just a concept and will depend on sponsors (like a kickstarter campagin) to get it going later on. Well, you have my undying gratitude, will be included in the staff roll, receive a backlink to your site, be part of the dev-team and receive free dice (or even a copy of the game) - once its produced - depending on how much of help you have been.

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