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got the licence contract - who is able to take a (professional) look at it?

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Joined: 04/15/2013

Earlier i posted a message that an American company wanted the exclusive license on my game mechanics for the territory of North America. I asked where to look for and got some good tips and help. Thanks to the ones who helped me there.

Now i have the general contract they use to license games/mechanics. I tried to find some people in my own network who are able to take a look at such a contract, but none has the experience or knowledge with these kind of things.

As i got some useful help from this forum before, i'm wondering if there are people around here who are willing to help. Are they strange clauses in the contract, things i have to be aware of, is it fair?

you could send me a PM at if you are willing to help or post your reaction/mail here.

Thanks in advance!


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