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How to approach RETAIL sales???

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Check out this game

Check out this designer's website.

It's a crowdfunding program and ccg/tcg deck building battle deck game.

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Just as a follow-up

The game you talk about says it is NOT a CCG/TCG. They are following the LCG model and will be selling the game as SETS. Right now they are crowdfunding on The Game Crafter (TGC) and that's one way to start to sell your game. I did this with TradeWorlds and sold over 30 copies of the game. And made just over $800 USD.

The art is nice. So kudos on that aspect of the game.

It is a Deck Drafting game which allows you to personalize your deck. But again most of these kind of game FAIL because insufficient amounts of adopters lead to low sales and low demand.

Take my "Crystal Heroes" (CH) which is a Deck Construction game. It aims to create BALANCED decks from the Blocks used to form a Deck. So even if you are a 9 year old, understanding the Blocks means that you can create a deck in a matter of 1 minute and be ready to play your very own CUSTOM deck.

Traditional Deck Drafting games are a challenge because you don't know which card you should ADD to your deck and which you should remove. Let alone know what kinds of DECK SYNERGIES must exist for your deck to be EFFECTIVE against an opponent's deck.

CH solves that problem. And believe me it IS a PROBLEM. Many players never play Magic because of the challenges in HOW to build a deck. And when the game is about Deck Construction and your best bet is to play a Deck configured by someone else... Where is the FUN in that???

In any case... Thanks for sharing. I think CH will be a strong offer since it SIMPLYFIES the Deck Construction mechanic and allows it to be ACCESSIBLE to even the youngest of players!


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Knowing what the challenges are...

These types of card games ... makes me think that somehow the designer thinks that he/she must design a more NOVEL game. And that really is NOT the case.

See you got to understand Magic to understand WHY most modern day card games fail.

The #1 reason for why most modern card games fail is ADOPTION!

This means that players are NOT interested in other games. And if you look into this more seriously, you'll notice that the #2 reason is because of complexity.

Generally speaking, and in your own example that you have shared with us (Animus), more clever mechanics are NOT the solution to WHY many other games fail. It's because Magic players play Magic and other Board Game players are not INTERESTED in the complexities of designing their own deck.

Let me be more precise.

Let's say you bought this "game" X and you've spent your time investigating it's content and believe that you can build a good Deck from a Draft. That's all fine and good... But when other players come over, they don't have all that "knowledge" about game X and feel at a disadvantage with YOU ... Knowing you have invested so much time in learning about this game.

What that usually means is that OTHER players are NOT interested in playing. And usually that lowers the success rate of these other card games. Because A> Only YOU have spent a lot of time researching and knowing the game B> Everyone else feels like you have an "advantage" and don't want to play.

This game (Animus) is no different than the others in its category.

Fundamentally "Crystal Heroes" (CH) does a LOT to overcome these problems and moreover the Battle Mechanic does not rely on having or playing combinations of cards. It's primary mechanic is "Area Control" and it really does OFFER a UNIQUE gaming experience.

When CH will be released, you can all prod and poke at the game's mechanics and all of the Real World Solutions it brings in solving traditional Deck Construction mechanics.

Can't wait to show this game to the Public... Cheers!

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How do I know this???

Well because I too am one of those "brave souls" who TRIED playing a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! without any knowledge of the game. The friend of a friend that I played the game with said he designed BOTH Decks and each deck could win the game.

The problem with this is that "I" don't know what the deck's strategies were. First not knowing your OWN deck is a major pain. Because you don't know what combos to play and what monsters you should be putting out... Or for a fact maybe the deck had some kind of special strategy.

The bottom line is this:

I played the game and LOST. It was super HARD to play because I knew nothing about the rules of the game. Secondly it was even HARDER because I didn't know how either Deck was supposed to WIN.

That's 100% TRUE. The reality is that MOST Gamers are NOT interested in Deck Construction like Magic players are. Deck Drafting, Deck Building and Deck Constructions are difficult mechanics to have in a game. Unless the game is phenomenal like "TradeWorlds", the odds of adoption are usually very low.

So the real reason I have concerns about "Crystal Heroes" (CH) is because I know these facts already. CH aims to make SIMPLE Deck Construction with full blown customization available to hardcore gamers. Meanwhile the Block Deck Construction method means that even a 9 year olds Deck can stand up to his Brother or Sister's Decks...

Yay, Happy Family Game Time! Cheers.

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Too many choices is Analysis-Paralysis (AP)

questccg wrote:
...The reality is that MOST Gamers are NOT interested in Deck Construction like Magic players are. Deck Drafting, Deck Building and Deck Constructions are difficult mechanics to have in a game. Unless the game is phenomenal like "TradeWorlds", the odds of adoption are usually very low...

The one aspect of "TradeWorlds" (TW) that makes it EXTREMELY EASY to understand the "Deck Building" mechanic is that it is very simple: You have 3 Stats and all your decision making is around those 3 Stats. Those 3 Stats are: Capacity, Resistance and Firepower.

These 3 Stats are controlled by three (3) types of cards: Starships, Crews and Weapons. It's so simple because there isn't much more going on. It's easy to make decisions with cards when you know the values are 1 to 5, 5 being the strongest card.

In "Crystal Heroes" (CH) the decision making is PROBABLY as SIMPLE but is very different. Everything is done in 4 Blocks: Melee, Ranged, Support and Command. Again another ATTEMPT (albeit different) of making Deck Construction easier. You get to choose 3 for tiles in each Block. Again keeping it simple with small numbers and simplified decision making.

This is me trying to "solve problems" in games today. My games are not just plain and simple games...! They aim to FIX issues with modern games of today. TW is an excellent example but both CH and Monster Keep (MK) also aim to solve the Deck Construction mechanic with different solutions.

CH aims for Block Deck Construction while MK aims for Deck Play-styles which make for diversified experiences in both cases. Would it be possible to blend both?! Maybe... But ATM it looks like 2 games with different approaches is what I will be offering games.

My PERSONAL bet is on MK. I really like the "Deck Configurations" that I have invested time in making. That means more decks are possible and with more and more cards added to the mix, even more POSSIBILITIES! It's a Math game mostly... Great for kids and FUN for Millennials also...

This is my own take on both games... But we'll have to see what the GAMERS think of both of these offers!

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Talking about "designing"

I know @Stormyknight1976 (Jesse) has a long thread about Dymino Monsters ... And his progress over the 16 years that the game has been in development. Kudos to him for sticking to this Hobby of ours and being patient in working on his "craft" for the benefit of solely anyone who is interested in Card Games.

"Crystal Heroes" (CH) has gone through ANOTHER "Design Iteration". Today I just wrapped up seven (7) "expansion" cards which get added to the "core" eight (8) for a randomizable total of fifteen (15) cards.

Of course only the eight (8) "core" Hero cards have been illustrated... But I've already discussed the terms of the seven (7) "expansion" cards with my illustrator and she has agreed to make them. We'll probably get them done before but wait until the results of the campaign to figure out how much I will "owe" her (because of our agreement to make "expansion" cards).


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