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How is the best way to upload my game design?

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Here is what the board looks like

I have a game designed with full artwork completed. I am a graphic designer by trade, so this was easy. I ran my game through the cost estimator online, however, there was not a place to input of all the parts of my game. I have sort of 4 card decks, board, token pieces -- all for which there were places to input them. However, I also have three different sheets of pieces that need to be printed on card stock and cut in small squares (two sheets of each kind), and a standard low-number spinner. How can I get a close-to-true estimate of how much my protoypes will cost? Thanks.

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Contact a printer directly.

I don't think you'll find an online estimator that will be able to accurately quote all of your components for you. It sounds like you have multiple components, and that you're doing this for the first time. I recommend finding a printer who you can talk to and will take the time to write up estimates for you. A good printer will have the knowledge you do not have to be able to guide you toward solutions that you may not be aware of and will save you time and money.

Several printers and publishers frequent this forum. If they choose to pipe up, I'm certain they'll have accurate and useful advice. One of the forum members works for Imagigrafx: – I met him at GTS '09. He's a stand-up guy.

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If you're just looking to

If you're just looking to make a single/low-count prototype, perhaps The Game Crafter has all the pieces required. You basically "build" your game in their tool and can then order it for yourself, or set a price and sell it in their store.

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Thanks for the plug!

Thanks for the plug! I'm not sure I can help with a single prototype though. We do prototypes - base price is $500 - but we can't diecut the diecut sheets for just a few prototypes. I don't know if gamecrafter can help with that or not because it requires a custom die.

That said, I can definitely price the games for a production run. I'm all sorts of handy with that!

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Cheap Prototype

Are you looking for a prototype for your game?
I can offer you a nice prototype for very cheap. If you just send me a list of your components, we can work something out.

See here for details:

-Print 'n Play Productions

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