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How to find an international publisher for a board game that has already sold over 1500 pcs?

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Hi all! We're two jolly developers from Finland. We've developed a board game (Kooma) that has been received with enthusiasm from the customers and we've already sold over 1500 pieces in Finland.

We'd love to hear your ideas on finding an international publisher. There's one thing that makes this a bit more challenging than with a normal board game - it's a drinking board game (though it's designed with social interaction in mind). So, it's a niche product and all publishers probably are not comfortable with taking it in their selection.

Do you happen to have any tips or contacts? Thanks for your help!

The Professor
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Drinking games...hmmm

Generally speaking, drinking games won't make mass market appeal, and given the industry in the States for designer games, I can't imagine anyone picking it up for worldwide distribution. However, having been in Finland for a week, I can see how the game would have local appeal.

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Not too popular for Party Games either...

What I was going to add is that many Publishers don't like "Party Games". Your game is both a Party AND Drinking game!

Check out Family Games America:

Family Games America (

They SELL "Party Games".

Your contact is "Susan Hebblethwaite" or "Yvan David".

Best of luck pitching your game. There is a CONTACT form too... Try to use it and see if you can get a response.


Please make sure to indicate that the game is DONE and that you have sold OVER 1,500 units of the game. You're in a strong position for bargaining a royalty from them... but remember IF they have to produce your game, instead of just resell you may get only a SMALL percentage (%).

IF however you handle the manufacturing and FGA handles RESELLING, you could perhaps get into some kind of partnership agreement with them...

I'm just warning you IF they have to MAKE the game - you will probably be unhappy with the royalty. So I was leaning towards distribution because you can sell your game at wholesale and FGA can make distribution (60%) on the resale to retail stores.

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I always tell students, don't

I always tell students, don't make a drinking game - because it's too easy, and I doubted that many would buy one.

I spoke at a video games conference once, and after saying this, someone came up and said he and colleague, who were mainly graphics people, had designed a drinking game that sold 300K - exclusively in Spencer Gifts, for whom he did some of the graphic work. So if you can get the right in at the right place, even a drinking game can sell.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't hold out much hope for this one. 1,500 is good,especially in a country as small as Finland, but not IMPRESSIVE to a larger publisher.

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Thank you all

that you took the time to respond! :)

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Hello. I don't know if this

Hello. I don't know if this is an option but I sell a ton on eBay ( shipping out of the USA ) and they have a program that takes care of all the fees and actual shipping costs. Might be something to look into.

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